Man on a street: New athletic skills


By Luke Tusher

Alexander Getty:


Perhaps one of the most active Bulls during this quarantine is sophomore Alexander Getty. In the past three weeks Getty has developed the circuit he likes to call “Triple Threat,” which takes on endurance, speed, and agility. The circuit is composed of only three exercises, the first of which is speed bunches. This exercise puts you through several 30 seconds blasts in which you are punching the air directly in front of you as fast you possibly can for 15 seconds, followed by a quick 180 into another 15 seconds of speed bunches. Break for 30 seconds, and start it up again. Five sets is recommended. Getty hit a new PR this past week, clocking in an incredible average of 6.8 punches a second! This is what he said about this milestone:


“Like of course stay humble right, of course. But if I’m being completely honest here, I would not be trying to get in front of those,”  said Getty.


Getty has also been working on his 7-yard dash. Starting at one end of his room, and finishing at the opposite end, Getty full on sprints in hopes of beating his PR of 1.43 seconds. 


“Yeah the 7 is great, I love it. You feel pretty gassed after a couple but it’s really all about building up that insurance. I totally recommend it for everyone at home just be careful you don’t run into your wall. There’s a bit of a learning curve but nothing too extreme,” said Getty


Getty’s last exercise does require a family member or two, however, according to him, the workout is worth the tolerance. The exercise is fridge wall-ball, the most physically demanding exercise in the circuit. 


“It really takes every muscle in your body. Whether it’s your legs to get into position, your hip mobility to get enough torque when you unleash on the ball, and arm and shoulder to ensure you can hit the ball against the refrigerator door as hard as you possibly can. It’s a really just fun, dynamic, workout,” said Getty


Ellis Keefe:


Branson’s very own Ellis Keefe has been staying in shape in a variety of ways. Keefe has recently started mountain bike riding, which has helped him get outside and get exercise at the same time. Two birds. One stone. Keefe has also been playing basketball in his driveway and getting in a hearty number of push-ups. 


But of course, it can’t go without mentioning Keefe’s high intensity training, along with the rest of ADM Wildfire, in Athletic Dance for Men II. Through the program Keefe has done several ab-blasts, including planks and crunches. Keefe set the class record for holding a five-minute plank, and will be honored with his name in the locker room when the boys return to school. Additionally, Keefe has gotten a dynamic work out through numerous freestyles and reciting class choreography. Keefe encourages everyone to remain active and positive.


Cooper Hoffman:


While Cooper Hoffman, another standout dancer in the ADM Wildfire bunch, has been getting exercise through the extreme ADM “Gassers,” he has also found a variety of athletic exercises and activities in his very own home. Thanks to a small gym setup in his house, Hoffman has been moving some serious weight around. Like dawg status weight. As a result of his dedication to his routine, he is now benching 280 pounds, squatting 460 pounds, and deadlifting 540 pounds. 


Hoffman also likes to burn it up on the Peloton in the house, and on top of that, Hoffman has a golf net in his backyard. Although already an avid golfer, Hoffman has been spending hours on mastering the craft of the golf swing.


James Daly:


If you know James Daly even in the slightest, then you know James Daly is one cool cat. So, you better believe that during quarantine he has been doing plenty to stay disciplined and remain cool. Similar to Hoffman, Daly has been putting good use to his basement gym setup which is very cool. Even cooler, Daly has been going on runs to stay in good shape. 


Daly is also a danseur in the 2019-2020 ADM I class. As previously established, the ADM program has been very effective in providing exercise to its students. Perhaps it is the overall balance of strength and cardio exercises that makes the Daly* routine so cool. Regardless, Daly recommends that we all do what we can to stay in shape, don’t get lazy, and stay cool. 


*The joke being that instead of writing “daily routine,” I wrote “Daly” routine because his last name is Daly. They are spelled differently, put you pronounce them the same way. It’s a pun/fun play on words.