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Science teachers take on larger role to help fill gaps

By Hannah Hodges April 9, 2024

In light of AP Chemistry teacher Lorena Alvear’s leave of absence, the science department scrambled to keep the course alive while creating minimal disruption for the students in the class. Ryanne Chitjian,...

Peer tutoring program makes its return to Branson

By Alexa Warrin April 9, 2024

The peer tutoring program is returning this spring semester with two main objectives: destigmatizing asking for help and creating opportunities for students to connect across grade levels. Student...

Paul Buckley, pictured above, was a new addition this semester to the Branson english department.

Branson english department adds Paul Buckley to the staff

By Olivia Ritter April 9, 2024

After an English teaching role opportunely opened up this recent winter break, Paul Buckley, a potential candidate, sprang at the opportunity. He was remodeling houses in a brief stint of carpentry...

View from outside Branson commons during a March lunch. The commons serves a central hub for students and faculty on-campus.

The Bullshot: Is Branson absenteeism a problem?

By Ryder Lariviere, Kasra Panahi, and Wilson Wendt March 21, 2024

In the years after the pandemic, the United States has seen the percentage of chronically absent students skyrocket from the pre-pandemic rate of 12.1 percent in 2018–2019 to roughly 25 percent in 2022–2023. According...

The map outlines the strategic vision for Bransons campus development. Initial planning stages prioritize sustainable growth and maintaining open, natural spaces. Courtesy of Sarah Brewster

Branson’s future development shaped by student focus groups

By Anton Gridley December 13, 2023

Following its strategic plan, Branson has begun the development of a long-term architectural plan for the campus to best integrate the larger student body. Through the use of student focus groups, Branson...

David Hanson outlines the collaborative approach to Bransons strategic master planning. He sat down for an interview to discuss the schools vision for the coming years.

Master planning revealed: A conversation with David Hanson

By Ryder Lariviere and Kasra Panahi December 13, 2023

As Branson continues to expand with the addition of a hundred new students, administrators turn to architects, donors, faculty, parents and students as they consider the school’s strategic vision for...

Nathalio Gray stands on the library porch in fall 2021. Starting that year, he has the title of assistant head of school. (File: Natalie Wendt, Lena Sugrue)

Vanguard organization awards Branson’s Nathalio Gray

By Mira Sridharan December 13, 2023

On Oct. 21, Assistant Head of School Nathalio Gray won the Vanguard Achievement Award at the Cathedral School for Boys. The award was given to him to recognize his commitment to independent schools. Gray...

Class of 2027 representatives elected to Senate

By Cat Howell and Sadie Saavedra December 13, 2023

In an Oct. 23 all-school assembly, student-body representatives Logan Tusher and Charlie Zwibelman announced the elected freshmen representatives. Out of the eight people who ran, Anna Jacobs, Mason...

Sadhbh Kilroy 26 stands in front of the Colosseum as part of her study abroad in Italy.  
Courtesy of Sadhbh Kilroy

Branson students broaden their learning through study abroad opportunities

By Skylar Lariviere December 13, 2023

While most returned to campus after their summer break, three Branson students chose to embark on exciting adventures for the year. Rosie Slayen, Mirabel Arlander, and Sadhbh Kilroy are all studying abroad...

Branson students enhance digital literacy skills during Media Literacy Week

By Arlo Greer and Hazel Levinson December 13, 2023

Media Literacy Week at Branson is a time for students to reflect on themselves as digital media consumers and learn how to improve their literacy skills.  Over the week of Oct. 23, participating students...

Marine Ecology class explores Monterey’s ocean diversity

By Khema Klinetobe and Maitland Wais December 12, 2023

On Oct. 29, Branson’s Marine Ecology class had a field trip to Monterey. The class, taught by Peter Zdrojewski, had been in its Diversity of Life unit. Students were “learning about the ocean and...

Branson students collaborate
on investment strategies for the Wharton Competition. Gathered outdoors, they concentrate on a laptop screen, analyzing their data.

Branson enters five teams into Wharton investment challenge

By Henry Raz and Melody Farhid December 12, 2023

For the first time in school history, Branson will be entering the Wharton Investment Competition with five teams of seven students led by David Hanson. The Wharton Investment Competition is a prestigious...

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