Spring sports begin as COVID restrictions ease


Shun Graves

The Branson boys lacrosse team plays against Marin Academy, April 6, 2022. Spring sports have begun as COVID-19 restrictions have eased.

By Josie Hohenrieder

On Feb. 7, Branson’s spring sports season officially began. Branson’s spring sports include beach volleyball, boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, boys tennis, swimming and track and field, all of which gathered for their first practices of the year.  

Over the past few weeks, most of these sports have begun MCAL competitions. 

“Sports have been off to a great start. We have preliminary numbers for girls lacrosse and baseball, which is encouraging. It’s building up to be a great season,” Veronica Bosque, director of athletics, said.

Athletics have always been a large part of the Branson community. 

Ella Loiacono, a sophomore track and field athlete, said that participating in school sports enables students to “meet kids from other grades, try a new sport, and bond with coaches who are also [their] teachers. It really pulls together every aspect of the Branson experience.”

“[The season is] especially fun because it brings out more people to the games and to celebrate our school, since the weather is nice. And who doesn’t love watching a sports game in the sun?” Loiacono said.

With the weather warming over the next few months, lots of events and games will take place and provide ample opportunities for spectators to watch student-athletes compete.

Additionally, a large majority of the student body is getting involved in spring sports this year. 

“[In the] transition period between seasons, 75-80% of the whole school is competing, which is pretty awesome. Roughly 200 athletes are continuing their winter sports or a spring sport right now.” Bosque said. “I love seeing how many kids are getting involved and want to participate in interscholastic sports.” 

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, athletics have been hit hard, especially during the spring season. 

“[Because] all of the spring sports are outdoors, the potential for COVID spreading is less, which has been really helpful” to ensure a long-lasting and successful season, said Bosque. 

Thus, students who may not have engaged in sports in the past due to worries over COVID or COVID-induced shutdowns, among other reasons, are able to enjoy spring sports more safely.

The start of the spring season marks the beginning of the “wrap up season for sports each year at Branson, and with so many teams that are competitive and successful it will be exciting for the year to end on a high note,” Loiacono said.