Mountain biking team climbs with strong start


Hayley Yoslov

Zachary Redlin, a freshman on the mountain biking team, leading the race.

By Herschel Pell

Blazing bikes. Flying dust. The Branson mountain biking team is off to a great start to their season through challenging practices, high placements and bonafide camaraderie. 

While the races are an individual sport, the team aspect of mountain biking gives riders more support and motivation to perform and have fun. 

“Even if we’re suffering through a hard ride, being together makes it one hundred times easier to get through, and everyone is there for each other through the highs and lows,” Hayley Yoslov, a junior, said.

Hayley Yoslov

Although the mountain biking team is smaller than most in terms of membership, they still are ranked in Division I. This means that they race against much bigger teams with a higher level of competition. 

Through stimulating practice rides, the team has grown a lot and is doing extremely well in the early races. With multiple podium finishes in recent weeks, it’s safe to say that Branson should continue to see major success in the realm of mountain biking this year.

However, these great successes don’t come without practice and hard work. 

“The team has to practice through intense rides and workouts three days a week, and usually riders will practice on their own, too. We want to get as many reps as possible,” Kelly Hoffman, senior captain, said. 

Hayley Yoslov

Not only is the racing aspect of mountain biking appealing to team members but also the feeling of being surrounded by nature. With many trail rides through the Bay Area, the team gets to see the beauty that nature has to offer every day. 

Zachary Redlin, a freshman, said, “[Mountain biking] can take you to special places in nature, where you can experience something different from your everyday life.” 

The team is obviously off to a stellar start to the season and hopes to keep the momentum going. 

“Everyone is so encouraging on this team, and it’s really a bit of a family by the end of the season,” said Yoslov.