Excitement as Branson’s biggest freshman class takes first steps


Shun Graves

Freshmen play a game of dodgeball Friday, Aug. 26.

By Herschel Pell

Earlier this week, Branson welcomed 105 freshmen to campus, making them the largest class in school history. 

The welcome week kicked off with the freshman orientation, so the grade could explore the campus and meet their classmates. 

“I enjoyed the freshman orientation because I got to see the campus, meet my classmates and eat the really good lunch,” Nyanza Ngongoseke, a freshman, said. He also noted that it was helpful to become acquainted with the school before classes began.

This year, Branson’s curriculum offers many exciting classes. From Biotechnology to Digital Music Composition to Python Programming, students have the opportunity to pursue their interests or try something new.

Julian Wyman, a freshman, has been enjoying his first few days on campus, specifically his Roots of America music class. 

“I specifically liked Jaimeo’s Roots of America class because we immediately got into drumming on the first day, it was exciting,” Wyman said.

Many new students love Branson’s nature-filled setting. Campbell Mohan, a freshman, feels like the campus’ nature creates an effective learning environment. 

“I love the nature and beauty of the campus, it makes classes fun,” he said.

My first week was a little slow, but I got the opportunity to meet and talk to a lot of nice people.

— Kaylyn Molloy

Incoming junior Aidan Landers agreed with Mohan. “It’s definetely different from my past two years of high school, the nature is awesome.”

Returning students also seem happy to be back on campus. Will Beere, a junior, is both excited and anxious for the year. 

“I’ve heard scary things about junior year, but I am excited to take on the challenge. Overall, I’m glad to be back.”

Some upperclassmen have started to notice the changes that accompany a bigger freshman class.

“I have noticed that having a bigger freshman class has made the wait for lunches longer and the traffic around school more crowded,” said Bryce Sanderson, a junior.

With many new faces and the unpredictability of the first couple weeks, students seem to be managing themselves well and preparing for the year ahead. 

“My first week was a little slow, but I got the opportunity to meet and talk to a lot of nice people. I’m excited for the year,” said Kaylyn Molloy, a freshman.