Mixed week concludes for growing girls JV volleyball team


Shun Graves

Girls junior varsity volleyball faces Monte Vista in Danville Sept. 2. The team faced a mixed week.

By Cameron Aryanpour

DANVILLE — The girls junior varsity volleyball team faced a mixed week, with a win against Marin Academy but a loss on the road against Monte Vista.

The two-set, 25-15, 25-23 victory marked the first win of the season for the junior Bulls. Improved defense and communication helped defeat Marin Academy in Branson’s home opener, though a close second set showed weak points on defense.

“I think this is definitely the win we needed, especially as our second game of the season officially,” Lillie Lehman, a junior, said.

The next day, the junior Bulls hit the road to face Danville’s Monte Vista. A two-set, 25-14, 25-11 defeat marked the JV team’s second loss of the season. Missed serves and a faltering offense led to a first-set defeat.

The second set began with Branson in the lead but Monte Vista picked up momentum and overpowered the Bulls. The two games this week show the team’s potential for growth this season.

“I see the team just continuing to improve, especially just we had small mistakes, mis-serves, so getting those points back and hopefully beating other teams,” Lehman said Thursday.