Varsity routs San Marin in swiftest victory yet


Shun Graves

Eva Lacy jumps for a shot against San Marin, Sept. 30, 2022. In perhaps its swiftest victory this season, Branson girls varsity volleyball soundly defeated San Marin.

By Shun Graves

NOVATO — Branson girls varsity volleyball’s latest triumph came in double digits.

From the 20-point lead in the second set to the uncompromising attack by outside hitter Kaitlyn White (11), the team soundly defeated San Marin in a 25-9, 25-5, 25-12 victory on the road. The Friday evening win against the MCAL’s lowest-ranked team whizzed by with a special showing from the freshmen.

“They all played awesome,” outside hitter Sadie Snipes said. “We’re all just super excited to see them keep getting better and getting more playing time.”

Kills from Simone Carr and Elena Fisher pushed Branson ahead early in the first set. As San Marin struggled to mount an offense and receive serves, the Bulls pulled ahead to a double-digit lead, winning 10 consecutive points. A couple more kills and Branson clinched the set.

Everyone was definitely doing the role to get us up by 20 points.

— Elena Fisher

The second set brought the most lopsided win so far this season. Branson’s opponent failed to mount an offense as the Bulls moved in for several kills, but often it just took a serve to win a point. A string of aces from Elsa Merriman, then Maya Lehman and Lauren Dignan, laid San Marin’s struggles bare. Branson won the set by 20 points.

“Everyone was definitely doing the role to get us up by 20 points,” Fisher, an outside hitter, said. “It’s always just more fun when you’re having fun with the team and everyone’s doing well.”

From multiple kills from White to a setter dump by Celia Tolmie, the third set marked the Bulls’ third victorious act. Branson again powered forward to another double-digit lead with a powerful dynamic between offense and defense. When the ball hit the floor for the last time, White had pushed it just over the net.

“I haven’t played a ton this season, so it was really fun,” White, a freshman, said of the game. “It represents my goals in the future to start on the team and play a lot more.”

Branson (4-1 in league) soundly routed San Marin (0-5) with a rotating lineup that showcased offensive strengths from newcomers. The team faces Tamalpais (3-2) next week, but first, coach Michelle Brazil wants the team to keep up its “consistency, awareness and energy,” she said.

“I expect us to continue to get better and work on our execution,” she added. “And execute.”

That execution amounted to an all-around effort at the San Marin gym Friday in a dynamic that has gotten stronger throughout the season.

“It’s a really good feeling, especially because we’re able to try new things, try new lineups and just have a lot of fun as a team,” Snipes said. “It was a great game to just mix things up, and it turned out really well.”