Freshmen on first month at Branson: ‘Really good’


Shun Graves

Freshmen work in the commons in October. The school’s biggest freshman class ever has branched out, trying different activities.

By Carly Lowe

In a major milestone, Branson accepted an additional 25 students to the freshman class, welcoming 105 total freshmen into the community, all with new perspectives and opinions about the school.

One of Branson’s best features is the inclusivity in sports. Being on the team is an amazing experience, as well as supporting other teams, said Ella Tsai, a freshman, who plans to try many different sports.

“I am most excited for sports and going to all these different games, and also trying a lot of new sports,” Tsai said.

She is not the only one who spoke about Branson athletics. Cal Keenley is currently on the football team and has made connections with other freshmen and students from all different grades. He called sports his favorite part of his Branson experience so far.

“I have football after school everyday, which has been super fun,” he said. “I know a lot of freshmen as well as a lot of seniors.”

The arts program is another aspect of the school that helps create a community and bond different groups of people. Kyle Penczak is part of the music program at Branson and says his favorite part is “probably music, or bonding with classmates outside of school.”

All the freshmen are forging their own paths, while also keeping the social atmosphere positive and uplifting. 

“It’s been really good,” Penczak said. “I think Branson forces a little bit of it, but it also just feels comfortable. The grade is already very well connected.”

Tsai also lauded the social aspect of her time at Branson.

“I feel like I’ve met a lot of new people and I know a lot of people coming from my old school, Del Mar,” she said. “I came in very prepared and I had a lot of friends, but I also met a ton of new people.”

High school compared to middle school is very different, and with the first month of school done the freshmen have experienced a world of new things. Becoming acclimated to the school is hard, but the classes, teachers and social environment make it a lot easier. For example, a wide variety of new classes become available, such as acting. 

“My favorite is probably the new improv class,” Keenley said. “It’s really fun and I am doing it with a lot of my friends. Shout out Ms. Vaughn.”