There’s no match for Reese’s Cups

There’s no match for Reese’s Cups

By Cecilia Brenner

First off, we all know treats make Halloween special, and my personal favorite is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — there is no match that makes me smile more than creamy milk chocolate and salty peanut butter.

Halloween has been celebrated for over a thousand years, and by now we’ve figured out how to make Oct. 31 fantastic. At the beginning of October, I asked the Branson community how they’re spending Halloween, and the results are in.

Branson loves chocolate. Based on the 46 respondents, the favorite Halloween candies are Kit Kats (14.1 %), Twix (12 %), and Snickers (8.7 %)

I was introduced to new Halloween treats like Zombie Guts and Boo Chips. One unusual student indicated that his favorite candy is “toothbrushes.” 

In addition to enjoying candy, however, people had cool plans for Halloween weekend. People planned on dressing up, going trick or treating, handing out candy and carving pumpkins. Some friends arranged group costumes and other students even planned multiple costumes to change into throughout the night. 

One evil-doer plans to “abuse the power of shortness. If I pass as a middle schooler (which I will), I’ll be able to get more free candy.” 

The same person who likes toothbrushes is going to spend a productive night “apply[ing] for college,” while another is anticipating “going trick or treating instead.” 

There doesn’t seem to be much rest taking place this weekend: 21.7 % of people are hanging out with friends, and 15.2 % are planning a “Halloween movie marathon and then not sleep[ing] for a week.” 

One unwise student is hoping to be in a horror movie and choosing to “visit a graveyard.” Ovens will be filled with spooky baked goods and a cake for the person who plans to “watch ‘Rent’ and eat cake.” 

So the official Branson opinion: chocolate (specifically Kit Kats) makes the best candy and most people will be eating lots of treats this Halloween. Sounds excellent. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and will continue to be celebrated for many more to come.