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Campus overview: A guide to Branson

Everything you need to know about important campus locations
Kasra Panahi
A view from the Brenda Brown Library in spring 2023 looks out to Tom Ryan Field. The field underwent a renovation this summer.

Whether you’ve been to campus many times or just a couple, it’s helpful to know the ins and outs of each Branson landmark. 

We start at the top of campus. Walking through tall white gates you’ll see the old dining hall (now a classroom space, but the name says it all) on the right. From there, walk past the massive oak tree and peek into the arts quad on the left. The sound of drums, saxophones, and electric guitars rings throughout the quad. Located on the upper campus, the area includes Maxwell Music Hall, where many of the music classes take place, and New House, which houses an array of practice rooms on the bottom floor and fully-equipped art studios on the top. Towards the back end of the art quad lies more art classrooms with a small, quiet field of turf to work in a more intimate outdoor setting. 

Loop around the upper parking lot and walk up the small flight of white stairs to enter Branson’s cherished sanctuary of knowledge and theater: Katharine Branson Hall. This complex houses the library, admissions offices, theater, and dance studio. The library is a popular spot for studying and reading. There will always be at least one librarian operating the front desk, ready to help you find books, take make-up tests, or answer any lingering questions you have. Along with a main area where you can find group study sessions and long tables full of students, there is a “quiet zone” that is best for solo studying. 

Walk past the front desk and past the admissions office to enter the theater which is a haven for enchanting musicals, crafty plays, and jazzy concerts. Popular events such as the Junior Talent Show, TheatreSports, BodyTalk, and Gospel Night take place here. Many class meetings, special assemblies, and presentations are located in the theater as well. There is also a spacious dance studio located below the backstage of the theater. Overall, it is a great place to support fellow students who take part in the performing arts.


Before entering the central area of campus, stop by the Snack Shack where you can purchase anything from popcorn to popsicles to protein shakes; the Shack has it all. In the past, the Shack was run by Branson’s parents, but this year, you will find many upperclassmen working the window. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, meet new people, and grab a pack of Skittles before third-period English. 

From the Snack Shack, walk down the brick stairs, engraved with the names of past students, to enter the all-purpose center of campus – the commons. The commons acts as the central hub of the Branson campus. It serves as a multipurpose building with many features: the cafeteria and large indoor and outdoor seating areas, the college admissions offices on the east side, and a newly returned student lounge area. The commons is also used for study sessions when the library gets too lonely. In between classes, many students find themselves socializing around the commons as it is the main transition space between the upper and lower campus. 


Look straight across the central parking lot to find Branson’s athletic capital. The gym area has everything sports-related. From the extensive athletic treatment area and training room located on the top floor to the two full-size basketball gyms on the ground level, there’s a lot to do. Connecting the two gyms are spacious locker rooms with multiple showers, restrooms, and plenty of lockers. The gymnasiums house many Branson teams including basketball, volleyball, and more. 

Adjacent to the indoor athletics area is Tom Ryan Field, named after Branson’s longtime (and still coaching) boys soccer coach. Besides the many sports including football, soccer, and lacrosse that use the field, many students hang out on the field to bask in the sun. It tends to be the sunniest spot on campus during the hot months and it’s a great place to throw around a frisbee or just enjoy the environment. 


From the athletics area, walk across the bridge (which recently got a new mural courtesy of the  Class of 2024) overhanging the creek to enter the quad. The academic quad is where most of your classes are located. The sectors of the quad include the New Oaks classrooms, Richardson Hall, Tallant Science Center (TSC), and Study Hall. The academic buildings form a rhombus with a newly rebuilt turf area in the center that includes lots of seating and shade. Many students choose to work outside, especially in the spring, due to the beauty of the quad. 

To meet with teachers, their offices are located in Richardson Hall, just after the bridge between the commons and the quad. If you ever have any questions about where specific buildings are located, feel free to ask any staff member or upperclassman. Entering high school is an exciting and nerve-wracking feeling, use this overview to make things a little clearer and easier. Have a great first month!


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