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Class of 2027 representatives elected to Senate

Jacobs, Ogborne and Mullarkey ‘excited’ to foster class bonding

In an Oct. 23 all-school assembly, student-body representatives Logan Tusher and Charlie Zwibelman announced the elected freshmen representatives.

Out of the eight people who ran, Anna Jacobs, Mason Ogbourne and London Mullarkey won. The team has already been initiating their plans in this role.

“We’ve already started organizing a dodgeball game,” Mullarkey said. “I’m really excited to start getting new activities for the freshmen.”

The three of the new student government leaders’ main missions are to help their freshman class interact and connect. Jacobs’ main goal is to bring the class together.

“I want more advisory competitions and interaction between different groups in the grade,” she said.

Although it’s their first leadership position in high school, two of the three representatives have already had previous experience. Jacobs and Mullarkey were the student body presidents of their respective middle schools.

“I have taken on a leadership role in my middle school and am now looking forward to high school,” said Mullarkey.

Ogbourne, on the other hand, is new to this position

“There is something really exciting about trying something new,” he stated. “I just really wanted to try out a leadership role.”

A commonly held belief between the representatives was that their public speaking was essential. Through her, Mullarkey believed her victory was carried by her public speaking and “shining” personally.

“When I’m nervous I get really giggly, I was kinda skipping around and I think that kinda helped it even though it was accidental,” Mullarkey said.

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