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Boys varsity soccer reaches MCAL playoffs for first time in decade

Sadie Winter
Boys varsity soccer plays against San Marin. The team made it to MCAL playoffs for the first time since the 2013–2014 season.

Boys varsity soccer made Branson history by making it to the MCAL playoffs for the first time in a decade. Since the 2013–2014 season, the team had yet to win enough games to secure a round in playoffs. 

Jaya Breene ‘27 and Larry Calle LaBou ‘27 had high hopes for their first year.

“We are 4-3 in the preseason and we are 0-2 in MCALs since we’ve played some pretty hard teams,” Breene said. 

Although their season didn’t start off too great, both players acknowledged their love for the winter sport. 

“I feel blessed. It’s a great opportunity,” said LaBou.

Both said the community and energy from team dinners, practices and games was something they enjoyed and are excited to pass on throughout their time at Branson.

However, as the playoffs drew closer and closer, sophomore players Jonah Sher ‘26, Cooper Little ‘26 and Matyas Stanek ‘26 were unsure how their season was going to unfold.

“We already lost to Archie Williams and there is one spot open for everyone left,” said Little.

Sher had more enthusiasm and looked at their lost games as a way to “learn from mistakes” and continue to improve. When asked about the difference between his first and second years on the team, Little said that there was “more opportunity to step in” and he is excited about the idea of being a future leader.

Leadership opportunities arose for transfer student Niccolo Machtoka-Farley ‘26 who stepped into the position of goalie for the team.

Sher said, “There is a lot of support and respect for the goalies right now.” It’s clear that even with an unpredictable future for the team, the Branson boys keep hopes high and lift each other up, on and off the field.

As captains of the team, Luke Daly ‘24 and Jaden Sher ‘24 have made a huge impression on underclassmen players and remain as role models for them.

“I look up to Luke Daly because he’s a leader,” said Stanek.

“Even if something might not be going well for him, he always shows up on the field practicing every day,” Little said before Daly scored the winning goal against Terra Linda, sending the team to the semifinals of playoffs.

For the Sher brothers, their familial bond doesn’t stop them from working hard together on the team.

“Not one wrong thing about Jaden,” said his brother, Jonah. “He’s perfect in every way and flawless. He doesn’t just care about himself but also the team.”

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