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Immersive spotlight: African Drumming takes leadership focus

Immersives offer Branson student’s unique learning opportunities
Alyssa Huang
African Drumming performs drumming sequence during immersive presentations June 3. African Drumming is one of Branson’s many immersive courses offered at the end of the school year.

As students and faculty alike conclude another school year at Branson, immersives are on everyone’s end-of-year radar. 

This is the third year of immersives at Branson, which allow the community to finish the academic year with two lighthearted, enjoyable weeks to dive deep into a topic of interest. This year, immersive courses containing roughly 15 students will spend this time participating in one of many provided opportunities. The list of choices range from Puzzlepalooza, Improv as a Life Skill, affinities like Mixed and Multiracial at Branson, to The World of Money: Understanding, Managing, and Investing. 

Jaimeo Brown, Branson music teacher, will be leading African Drumming: Focus on Leadership. 

“I believe that music has the ability to teach skills that aren’t necessarily focused on music,” Brown said. “Music has so many different functions in communication. Leadership is one of those roles of communication, and I believe that this African drumming immersive will be able to shine a light into the idea of leadership in a unique and special way.”

This is an important idea for all Branson students to understand. Whether or not you are in Brown’s immersive, these immersive experiences are curated to provide students with an opportunity to use the experience to build it towards a greater purpose. 

“Every year there’s a different focus,” Brown said. “Last year was building community; this year I am focusing on leadership.”

One seemingly simple idea, such as music (or drumming) can stretch farther out than one might imagine. Experiences like immersives, where you are completely engaged with one area of focus, allow students to learn more about themselves than they may think possible.

Regardless of what immersive you are in, there are a variety of learning opportunities available throughout the two weeks. 

Caroline Jordan ‘27, who is in Improv as a Life Skill, led by Maura Vaughn and Lucas Mobley, shared their reflections on entering this immersive round.

“I’ve never had any experience like this before. I think it’s pretty unique to Branson,” they said. 

As Branson provides an extensive catalog of opportunities for students to explore during these next four weeks, the choices may seem overwhelming at first.

“I was nervous at the first announcements, especially when the large list came out,” said Jordan. “But, now that I actually have an immersive assigned to me, I’m excited that we’re going to be able to make the most of these two weeks.”

Brown made sure to highlight the importance of a dedication to a single passion, especially while in high school.

“When you immerse yourself in one topic, it can help you to learn about many,” he said. “I believe that there are very clear common denominators in all different mediums of the world.”

Jordan shared another reason these passions can be valuable to teenagers.

“It’s a good way for students to get experience in their passions or what they want to do with their life,” they said. “I’m going to get experience acting all day for two and a half weeks during my freshman year, which would be similar to college if I went into that.”

Not only do students gain valuable, real-world experiences of career paths and areas of focus, but they learn more about themselves and their community.

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