Clubs at Branson

Clubs at Branson

By Atira Wahle

Creative Writing — Creative Writing Club is run by Kaya Dierks and Sydney Pearson. This club is a safe place for writing to participate in writers workshops, literary events, and have submission opportunities. Dierks said, “If you want to explore creative writing in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere, or if you just want a snack with lunch, stop by the Creative Writing Club at some point.”

Chess Club — Chess Club is run by Stanley Wong. In Chess Club, students will play chess together both competitively and for fun. This club is open to members at all levels and is hoping on progressing towards hosting tournaments at Branson and on Marin. “…if anybody is interested in joining, just send an email to me (Stanley_Wong [at] We will still be open to having new Chess players of all levels! (Beginners and experts alike). Btw, there will always be food/snacks for you as you play with friends and relax,” Wong said.

Asian Student Alliance — The Asian Student Alliance is run by May Ling Roberts, Skye Zweben, Benji Wu and Ray Kwei. The ASA is a place for members to celebrate Asian culture, food, holidays, traditions and people. This club is open to all students, regardless of whether or not they’re of Asian or Asian American descent. “If you love Asian food and people, come join!” Roberts said.

Friendship Bracelet Making — Friendship Bracelet Making Club is run by Adriana Nordlicht. Friendship bracelet club is a club in which members learn how to make friendship bracelets and bond with their classmates. “Making friendship bracelets is a great way to destress, and have fun with friends,” Nordlicht said.

Film Club — This club is run by Caleb Liu and Brendon Milan-Howells. Film club gives its members a chance to learn more about films, and get experience creating them. Liu said that they “typically have short film projects along with real-life work opportunities [such] as the admissions video.” This club is a fun place to learn more about the art of filmmaking.

Latino Student Alliance — Latino Student Alliance is run by Carolina Andrade and Natalia Castillo. The purpose of this club is to create awareness around Latinx culture. This club has events throughout the year that honor many Latinx traditions as well as fundraisers for Las Casas de las Madres, an organization that offers services for victims of abuse. The leaders of this club said, “Students at Branson should join this club because you will be surrounded by people who are passionate about learning and trying to improve our local community.”

Girls A Cappella — This club is run by Kate Lardner. The members of this club arrange, learn, and perform a cappella songs. This club offers girls across grades to bond and make friendships over something their passionate about. “Our goal is to create  a platform to take a break from Branson’s busy days and get to know other amazing people!” Lardner said.

Men’s Leadership — This club is run by Jonathan Palfy and Ray Kwei. This club works to understand what it means to be a man at Branson and in society. The leaders of this club believe it is a safe place for guys on campus to talk with each other openly and honestly. The leaders of this club said that the members of their club “want to gain a better understanding of their role and their fellow classmate’s role at Branson and in the greater world.”

Guide Dog Puppy Training — Guide Dog Training Club is run by Katherine Gutierrez and Malala Pyle. This club spends its time practicing raising and training guide dogs. The work with the dogs both inside and also outside to practice their walking skills. “If you’re interested in learning about how to train guide dogs or just being around some really cute puppies, email katherine_gutierrez [at] or malala-tiana_pyle [at],” they said.