Amor Del Bueno movie review


By Kabir McNeely

“Amor del Bueno” truly is a rare masterpiece which exceeds expectations on almost every level. Every character, including the minor roles, were portrayed beyond well. The character of Kimberly was played especially well by Anne Sophie Lacombe who added depth and emotional impact to the otherwise flat and minor character. Additionally, Christina Flores’ cameo as Julio’s mother added more than enough depth to the story which made this otherwise good film truly exceptional.

The little things including the cinematography, color, angles, tone, music and sound all added to the richness and complexity of the story. The blue undertones as well as the use of quick cuts especially added to the emotional experience throughout the film for viewers.

Overall, the compelling lead performance by Alyssa Flores, professional quality soundtrack by Douglas Sears, and the deeply moving and compelling story written by Sophia Milan-Howells and directed by Brendon Milan-Howells put together made a moving, deeply emotional and truly cinematic experience for the viewer.

Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars