Live updates: Branson defeats Redwood in MCAL final


Shun Graves

Girls varsity volleyball huddles before the MCAL championship game against Redwood, Oct. 21, 2022.

By Shun Graves

LARKSPUR — Girls varsity volleyball defeated Redwood in the Marin County Athletic League final.

The game came after last week’s regular-season defeat at Redwood. But the team comes newly energized after its historic win against Marin Catholic Wednesday.

The Blazer provided live updates throughout the game. Read the full game analysis here.

Live updates

Third set: 29-27, Branson wins.

Elena Fisher spikes in a kill to win the first point. Another spike by Sadie Snipes keeps the Bulls ahead early. More effective blocking has kept Redwood at bay. Redwood continues to suffer from unforced errors, though it has mounted a more consistent offense this set. A spike by Fisher, then Sadie Snipes, rescued Branson from a tie. A kill by Margaux Barber pushes Branson further ahead as the Bulls’ offense shines. The scoreboard halfway has shifted play by play as Redwood reduces its errors.

Fisher makes another spike, but the scoreboard remains close, shifting between a tie and a one-point lead. A critical save by Lauren Dignan again ties the set. Redwood misses a serve. At 25 points, the set remained tied. Barber tied the set at 26 points. A setter dump by Logan Tusher pushes Branson ahead.

Second set: 25-13, Branson wins.

The Bulls continue what they built in the first set, with an effective offense supported by a scrappy defense. Redwood still seems error-heavy. A tipped-in ball by Elena Fisher pushed Branson ahead. Another tip by Margaux Barber shows how offense has leveraged an arsenal of plays. Effective blocking continues, one-upping one of Redwood’s strengths last week. Fisher spikes a kill, then Stein makes another spike, as Branson remains ahead on the scoreboard.

A dogged defense has always stayed at the ready to help mount repeated attacks. It’s caught Redwood’s error-prone offense by surprise. Another spike by Fisher thunders across the net as Branson only grows its lead. Side outs and missed digs have plagued Redwood. Logan Tusher makes a setter dump; she’s made plenty of crucial assists today. Lacy tips the ball to win another set.

First set: 25-22, Branson wins.

Branson began the first set strong, while Redwood has made some errors. Offense has revved up strongly; two kills from Elena Fisher early added to Branson’s lead. Defense has logged some impressive digs from Dylan Whisenant and libero Lauren Dignan as well. Redwood has mounted a similar attack as it did last week, but it seems more error-prone today. Sadie Snipes tipped in a kill as Branson continues to lead.

The Bulls have also put up an effective block led by Margaux Barber and Eva Lacy, responding to Redwood’s blocking at the net last week. Branson still leads halfway. Offense remains a highlight as Cayman Stein spiked in a kill. A successful block by Lacy wins the first set.