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Navigating the Branson way

Welcome to Branson! You worked hard to get here. Congratulations! Branson, which you will soon get to know, is a close-knit community of diverse individuals, coming from all across the Bay. Many people experience nerves on the first couple of days. No need to worry, as those will soon fade, and school will turn into an absolute blast! Personally, I’m always suspicious of unsolicited advice, but I promise below is a short list of must-know tips — ones in my opinion every Branson ninth-grader should know. 


Stay Curious: 

Teachers at Branson are extraordinarily excited about the material they are teaching. If you have a question, ask it! Some of the most interesting moments in my classes started when a student asked a question about the material. If there isn’t time in class, you can meet with a teacher during Flex block or lunch. 


Understand OBG: 

In all of your ninth-grade classes, you will be graded based on objectives rather than traditional grades. This is a completely new grading system for many. The easiest way to not get lost is to stay up to date with the system, and ask any questions if you ever get confused. Read more about OBG here.


Meet with Teachers: 

Teachers are on your side! Everyone finds themselves confused at some point. If you are truly confused — or maybe missed class for sports — meet with your teacher. Teachers are always working to help you understand the material: They want you to succeed! Just send your teacher an email asking to meet and be sure to include a couple of times you are free. Flex, lunch, free blocks and before/after school are popular times to meet. 


Join a Club: 

Clubs are a great way to meet new people who are passionate about a common activity. Pro tip: if you don’t know what you like, sign up for a bunch of clubs at the clubs fair (coming soon!) and show up to the ones that might interest you. As you get to know them better, focus on the ones you really like. If there isn’t a club you want, get a couple of people together and start it! Many new clubs are formed every year. Overall, clubs are a really great way to find new passions and expose yourself to new hobbies.

The Branson Bulls soccer team competes against San Marin on Jan. 26, 2023. Branson qualified for the NCS playoffs after battling for a draw. (Kasra Panahi)

Play a sport: 

Sports are a big part of Branson. Many people show up to Branson games, and you should too! According to Branson’s website, over 80% of Branson students participate in sports, and they win. Branson athletics have a winning tradition as they compete to add to their 13 state titles. In general, sports are a great way to meet new people, as well as stay active and have fun while doing it: “The body fuels the mind.” 


Support Your Branson Teams: 

Speaking of sports, showing up to sporting events is a great way to not only hang out with friends, but also show school spirit and cheer on your Branson teams! Branson is a small school compared to the big public schools we compete and win against, like Redwood and Tam. Everyone should show out for sports games to match the crowd levels of these bigger schools. The Branson teams and student-athletes greatly appreciate it. Go Bulls!


Enjoy it!

Whether you can’t wait for high school to get started or are still a little unsure, don’t worry about it. Before you know it, you will be a veteran Branson student. Those who graduate often tell me about how special of a time high school was: “You only get to live it once,” they say. So, enjoy it! Meet new people. Have Fun! And don’t take anything too seriously, including advice from your school paper. 


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