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Emmanuel Katz

Emmanuel Katz, Opinion Editor

Emmanuel Katz serves as opinion editor and first joined The Blazer in 2022.

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Cars line up on the Richmond Bridge during the early morning rush. The adjacent bike lane sits unused.

Are empty bike lanes costing us more than time?

By Emmanuel Katz March 27, 2024

Let me paint an all-too-familiar picture: It's 8 a.m. and you're driving to work, struggling through a traffic jam that seems to defy all laws of motion. Today, the traffic stands more still than the still-life paintings by Cezanne himself. As the cars in front of you inch forward, at a pace that would...

Navigating the Branson way

By Emmanuel Katz September 9, 2023

Welcome to Branson! You worked hard to get here. Congratulations! Branson, which you will soon get to know, is a close-knit community of diverse individuals, coming from all across the Bay. Many people experience nerves on the first couple of days. No need to worry, as those will soon fade, and school...

Neftaley Arceo teaches a history class this fall. Branson’s new faculty say they’ve enjoyed their first few months at school.

New faculty speak about their first months at Branson

By Ella Garrett, Emmanuel Katz, Adeline Newby, and Ryder Lariviere November 22, 2022
Branson’s newest instructors say they’ve enjoyed their first months at their new school.

Bull-sharks dive into spring season competition

By Emmanuel Katz March 28, 2022
The small but mighty Branson swim team makes a splash this year.
spring-play-abby keenley

All aboard the Orient Express: A look into Branson’s spring play

By Emmanuel Katz March 18, 2022
Here's what you need to know about Branson’s production of “Murder on the Orient Express.”
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Branson School News, Sports, Life and Opinion
Emmanuel Katz