Annual Carnival brings community together, despite injuries


By Patricia dePalma

Aug. 30 was filled with fun for the students of Branson. A tradition for the school is an annual carnival after school from 3:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Treats, games and fun obstacle courses were set up that entertained both students and staff. 

Karl Schmidt said that the carnival was more fun for teachers as well because the event was thoroughly planned where there were more interactions between students and staff.

“As a faculty member, I like being able to be involved. At dances you [students] just dance and we just stand there and chaperone. At this, it’s just more engagement,” Schmidt said.

The occasion was also an excellent opportunity for freshmen to get to introduce each other and for grades to interact. Dances are, too, a fall tradition for the students but many can agree that the carnival is a better welcome event for the newcomers and faculty. 

Although Wipeout was a popular game among students, some were seriously injured. Mia Shay broke her foot at the fair but does not put the blame on the game. She admits it’s her fault and is even eager to come back next year. The same goes with the other students that were likewise hurt.

Stanley Wong, who also broke a bone said, “I wasn’t really paying attention and I broke my arm … but I am definitely coming back next year.” 

Overall the carnival was a lot of fun for everyone. Students appreciated the event being more open to interactions between older and younger students.

Katya Crawford said that “It was really fun,” and Alexa Polsky said, “I liked the food and getting to know my friends better at the beginning of the year.” 

The carnival is, in fact, an old tradition for Branson. Throughout our history, the school held many carnivals as beginning of the year events as wells as an end of the year celebration. If you look through the Branson archives, you can find reports of carnivals dating all the way back to the 1960s.